Documentary Neráidas:

Gemma&Raquel are two sisters creators of Neráidas. Their pieces are unique and magical handcrafted carefully to achieve the subtle transparency that characterizes them evoking their love for nature.

They use the resin technique to create small microworlds, using nature as a main elements to trascend it and transport us to an imaginary world of feelings and emotions that connect directly with our inner and transparent side, the one that always remains.


The name “Neraidas” is inspired by the melodious voice nymphs that live in the depths of the Mediterranean, considered as energies related to the water element and the beauty of the sea.

The ocean, symbol of femininity, is a place where secrets are hidden unfathomable … and where one can find all kinds of life with its beautiful and different shapes and colors.

Do you remember when you spend your time looking for some little treasures covered in sand on the beach?

When we are kids, nature is part of us, breathe through our pores, is our raw material to play, to create, to discover … is the magical place where the most of our dreams happen.

Neráidas grows and thrives on the spirit of childhood, the hope to preserve forever found objects that gradually transformed overtime into personal charms.

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